Boilers heat water and circulate it throughout the space to heat your home. This can be done with radiators or infloor convection. We offer Weil-McLain boilers as well as the budget friendly Williamson boilers.


WM97 Boiler

70,000, 110,000 & 155,000 BTU input models at 95% AFUE

Stylish, compact wall mount design for easy installation, service and maintenance

Unique condensing stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger design

Built-in boiler circulator

Built-in primary/secondary piping option

Pre-wired terminal strip for quick and easy electrical connections

Convenient indirect-fired water heater connection

Capable to vent with PVC, PP and SS up to 100'

Multi-color LCD display with text - no codes

CT - Condensing Technology - 5 to 1 turndown ratio

Aqua Logic indirect fired water heater compatible

ECO Boiler

Class-leading 70,000, 110,000, and 155,000 BTUH models models at 95% AFUE

Exceeds Energy Star requirements at 95% AFUE efficiency rating

Durable stainless steel fire tube heat exchanger

Streamlined design configurable for installation

Display can be mounted on the boiler or wall (up to 2’ away)

Components positioned for fast and easy service

Multiple vent configurations and material options

Optional accessories to match virtually any installation

GV90 Boiler

Durable cast iron primary heat exchanger

Condensing stainless steel secondary heat exchanger

91% efficient

Unique 7 pass heat exchanger design maximizes heat transfer

Vents with PVC

Multiple ventilation options (direct vent, direct exhaust, concentric)

Easy conversion to propane (kit included)

Indirect Fired Water Heater

·         316L Stainless Steel tank welded with "TIG and Plasma" technology coil tank

Temperature and pressure relief valve standard equipment

Thermostat connections already installed for quick and easy wiring

All connections including boiler supply and return, domestic water and domestic recirculation are on the side of the tank

Magnesium Anode installed in all tanks

Inspection port on every tank located near the bottom of the tank

Exceptional "R Value" with 2" of dense foam insulation

Adjustable feet for uneven floors

Available in Pewter color

Ultra Series High-efficient condensing gas boiler

Gas fired water boiler with cast aluminum heat exchanger

Venturi mixing body – mixes air and gas providing higher efficiency

Outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority standard

U-Control gives you the power for easy set-up and maintenance

Modulates with 5 to 1 turn-down ratio capability