Mini-split cooling/heating systems are an alternative to the conventional ducted systems used. These come in handy for new house additions, or to cool a space that has long been uncomfortable. We proudly offer Lennox’s line of mini-splits.

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Mini-Split Systems

ESTAR ICON ENERGY STAR® Product   Energy Efficiency (SEER) HSPF Sound Price
ESTAR ICON MLA Mini-Split Heat Pump   up to 24 up to 11 27 $$
Outstanding cold-climate capabilities, operates in temperatures as low as -22°F 
ESTAR ICON MPB Mini-Split Heat Pump   up to 24.5 up to 11.5 24 $$
Efficient heating and cooling ideal for add-on spaces 
MHA Mini-Split Heat Pump   up to 19 up to 10 24 $
Reliable, efficient heating and cooling for any room 
MCA Mini-Split Air Conditioner   up to 20 25 $
Quiet, efficient cooling for any room